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FIN 3000 - Introductory Financial Management - University of Iowa


5.7/6.0 online, Spring 2021

5.8/6.0 hybrid, Spring 2020

Selected student comments from the course evaluation:

    • "Brooke was a GREAT instructor this semester, and we could tell that she legitimately cared how we did in the class and that we learned."

    • "Brooke was an amazing teacher, she was always able to explain the concepts in an effective way even if I did not understand at first, she would try again in a different way until I understood."

    • "I thought this was a great course, one of the best teachers I have had at the University of Iowa."

    • "Professor Wang did a great job at teaching this course this semester. She made all of the students feel comfortable in her class and she was always available to help out whenever necessary."

    • "Her information in class discussions was very insightful and informative. The basics of finance are important for working in the real world and understanding the mechanisms of an organization and Brooke did a wonderful job teaching us the information we needed "

    • "I appreciate her passion, personality, and willingness to help students succeed."

    • "I really liked the format of this class and how help was always available if I needed it."

    • "I enjoyed taking this course with her and am looking forward to being able to use what I have learned in the future."

    • "Brooke is very kind and wants students to succeed. She is personable and always willing to help."

Teaching Assistant

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